Monday, August 24, 2015

Transaction logs failed to truncate

Due to DPM disk failure my Exchange server translation logs not cleared and transaction drive got full, so after find the drive full information I have moved the 3 DB transaction logs to another location temporary. Once cleared DPM disk issue, I have started to taking backup  in all the DB's except this 3 DB's. All the DB's backup has been completed properly and transaction logs also cleared. 

I have started to copy the moved to logs to original transaction logs folder , once complete the copy  I have started the backup from DPM . Backup completed successfully but transaction logs not cleared . 
Checked the Exchange server event logs , below event id occurred. Disk space is decreasing.
Event ID: 2137
Error: RPC request to the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service for log truncation failed for the database xxxxxxx Error: 4294965485.

This issue has been resolved after performed below steps,
  • First completed the backup
  • Suspended both passive copies
  • Dismounted the database ( Once dismounted all the logs should committed)
  • Moved only the logs (Not other folder and files) from active and passive copies
  • Mounted the database
  • Updated the logs to other 2 passive copies (Note:I have faced few error about to delete the existing file like .edb and .chk file)
  • Started the backup ,once seeding is completed on both the passive
  • Transactions logs are cleared once complete the backup. 


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